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Power Painter VS

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Power Painter VS

A merge-tower defense-card game. This project was based on our populair Power Painter hit. It features Commanders – each with their own element and paint color – that use different abilities to defeat enemies and bosses. The player needs to defend their base from the opponents’ monsters.

Project info

  • Killed game project
  • Year: 2020


  • Concept art
  • Character Design
  • UI Design
  • FX


  • Unity Engine
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Character design

My role here was mostly helping the team out with re-designing the Commanders. These were already designed for a different game, but we wanted to change their look for this project.


A big part of my role within this project was helping out with UI design for various features. After concepting and iterating I implemented them directly in the game (with dev help of course).


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